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В начале ХХI века Президент России В.В.Путин, выступая в Евразийском Национальном Гуманитарном Институте им. Льва Гумилева в Астане, обратился к участникам церемонии открытия Года России в Казахстане со словами: «Умные всех стран, объединяйтесь!»

В ответ на призыв Президента В.В.Путина начал свою работу Интеллектуальный Альянс Цивилизаций (ИАЦ) – группа партнерских неправительственных организаций, созданных по инициативе ИАЦ России в Канаде, Германии и Швейцарии. Об Альянсе цивилизаций рассказывают идейный вдохновитель, инициатор создания и Президент ИАЦ, кандидат экономических наук Тамара Владимировна Лавровская и Вице-президент ИАЦ, начальник Отдела философии науки и техники Института философии РАН Владимир Иванович Аршинов

A Paradigm for Global Family in a Culture of Peace – Intervention of Dr Astrid Stuckelberger

A Paradigm for Global Family in a Culture of Peace – Intervention of Dr Astrid Stuckelberger

The Global Family has changed!

Have we realized …..

  •   that people in the world are living longer and better lives than ever before in the History ofmankind
  •   that families have now extended up to 4 to 5 generations living at the same time, sharingmemories and daily events, ….of which 2 to 3 generations are retired, often very active retirees


  •   that families live together despite distance thanks to technology such as mobile phone, internet,webcam grand‐parenting, etc
  •   that families are complex today but are giving rise to a new concept of the family, whetheralone, divorced and remarried, whether orphan from HIV‐AIDS and adopted by a substitute grand‐parent, we are witnessing a global and intergenerational solidarity. This is new. Even at the

    5th World Meeting of Families of the Catholic church in Valencia, Spain where I was invited, thanks to some lobby work of some of us, for the first time, older grand-parents were mentioned and invited to speak on stage! How long do we have to wait until the concept of the family will encompass all generations, all situations and give this genuine global family feeling we are all interlinked, interrelated and interdependent on a small part of the universe where people have the choice to love each other beyond race, nationalities, geography and more..


Der Bundesrat wird beauftragt, auf der Basis eines nationalen Forschungsprogramms zur Anti-Aging-Medizin sowohl Abklärungen zu deren Wirksamkeit durchzuführen wie auch ethische Leitlinien und Sicherheitsstandards zum Schutz der Konsumentinnen und Konsumenten vor den Gefahren des unkontrollierten Methoden- und Produktemarktes zu erarbeiten, die Kontrolle von Anti-Aging-Produkten und -Methoden zu verstärken und die Entwicklung von Präventionsmassnahmen für ein gesundes Alter zu fördern.

Bioethics Caribe

  1. Abstracts
    •   Ethics, Equality & Stigma – Some Issues of Relevance to the English-Speaking Caribbean
    •  The Changing Face of Stigma: Social Taboos and Ethics
    •  Disclosure of STD infection to sex partners in Louisiana
    •  Ethics and Inequalities Associated with Caribbean Impacts of Climate Change
    •  The Ethical Challenge Posed by Stigma to Public Health Promotion Campaigns and the Health- Care Professional Patient Interaction
    •  Human Rights: A Framework for Confronting Stigma in the Caribbean
    •  Ethics, Equality and Stigma: a Canadian Perspective
    •  Ethical dilemmas of critically and terminally ill HIV/AIDS patients in the ICU

Interview avec Dr Astrid Stuckelberger

Interview avec Dr Astrid Stuckelberger Le 22 février 2008

Ex-coordinatrice pour Genève du 1er UN Summit for Spiritual and Religious Leaders qui s’est déroulé à New York en août 2000 www.millenniumpeacesummit.org/mwps_about.html

Co-fondatrice du Spiritual Caucus aux Nations Unies à Genève en 2001 Ex-secrétaire de l’Appel Spirituel de Genève www.aasg.ch

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