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A 1000 Noses…. The Science of Smell – Ebook Version

Among the 5 senses we have, the sense of smell or olfaction1 is the least known and the most underrated of all. Yet the science of smell has much more mysteries and realities to reveal than meets the eye and nose…

An increasing body of scientific literature is unveiling new findings about the “olfactive machinery” and about its influence on a spectrum of human areas such as moods, cognition, performance, health, behaviour, all of which can have far reaching consequences on the future of flavour and fragrance.

For diagnosing, treating physical and mental illnesses, enhancing or doping the mood and performance with a range of potential innovative research, products and new markets for the fragrance industry.

This e‐book will give an overview of what we currently know of smell and olfaction: how smell works, what factors influence its perception, what effects smell has on the many areas of human life. Last but not least, it will analyse what implications those findings can have for the fragrance sector in general with a set of recommendations. Along the review, new research methods and measurements were collected to provide elements of novel study designs of olfaction for fragrance, which merge neuroscience with electro‐physiology parameters and psycho‐behavioural science.

Cutting edge science of smell will be addressed with the following perspectives in mind which will be presented in the last part of this e‐book:

  • Implication for research and development
  • Changes on the technology used to research and test
  • Improvement in communication content, both for staff training and publicity
  • Impact on reshaping marketing strategies
  • Development of new markets (e.g. B2B)

This e‐book is divided in 3 parts:

  • the “Anatomy of Smell”, the components and mechanism of the olfactory system and smell processing
  • the “Power of Smell”, from the influencing factors to the impact of smell and its regeneration power
  • the “Future of Smell and Fragrance”, an analysis of the implications for the private sector